Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strong opinions, needlessly strong language

I'm thrilled that some folks find this blog helpful for starting discussions about important issues in cycling safety, the cycling environment, and behavior of road users. The burst of comments regarding my post about red lights and stop signs encourages me. A reader wrote that he found the language of some recent posts offensive, although he appreciates the blog. I agree with him that the foul language (whether in the post itself or in an avatar) adds nothing to the discussion and puts off people who might otherwise find it valuable.

Rather than moderating comments, I prefer to urge readers to post their comments using language that you would consider inoffensive in conversations with your children (or grandchildren) and your parents. I will moderate comments only if self-moderation by comment-posters does not do the trick. Please continue to bring your passion and your best thoughts to the discussion, but please leave the crude language to private venues.



bikeolounger said...

Thank you, Barry!

Freedom Bikes said...


I'm sorry but when you have the audacity to expect bicyclists to obey traffic laws then you will have to live with the strong language that results!

: )

Keep up the good work.

jimmy said...

Hey Barry,
Avatar deleted - whatever keeps the discussion going.